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Have you ever wished that you could escape to a place where you could relax and take it easy for just a short while? Murals can allow the young and old to do just that by sparking their imagination.
God created man to think in pictures not words. Large pictures or murals have the ability to immediately create a place where individuals can experience peace, joy, pleasure, or security in their mind.

Murals, like the one above, can spark a child's imagination to help him see himself deep within a forest where he can observe and enjoy some of the creatures found in God's creation. Another  mural may spark the imagination of an individual to help him see himself on a peaceful shore of a lake looking at the night sky and counting the stars.

Night murals with the aid of blacklights can be like magic to the imagination. A blacklight scene, in deep space, can spark the imagination of an individual to help him see himself fighting along side his favorite hero in a battle against evil.  Still other murals can aid individuals into imagining that they are on a hole at their favorite golf course. The only limits of my murals are the limits of your mind. Please enjoy my gallery
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