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The Stages of a Project
The stages or steps involved in creating a custom mural will vary depending upon the size and complexity of the proposed work. Here are the basic steps:

1.  I will meet or correspond to discuss your ideas. This initial consultation is free.  If I am required to travel more than 50 miles from my studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, I may ask you to reimburse me for travel expenses.

2.  After discussing your ideas, I will put together a proposal containing a photo cropped to scale of the area to be painted. My proposal price will be based upon the work itself, and not time. The price may include labor and materials for the preparation of the surfaces to be painted if they have not been previously prepared. If the mural is done in blacklight, I will explain where the proper light fixtures need to be placed. The lighting system , however, will be your responsibility, not mine. Again my price only includes labor and material for the preparation and painting of the proposed mural.

3.  I will explain in detail what the project involves and how long I expect it to take. We will then sign an agreement. Half of my fee will be due at the signing of the contract. If the project is to be done at a business, arrangements will be made about working after business hours. When work is completed, the balance of the fee will be due.

Additional Costs May Be Involved Such As

Changes or additions may be desired by you. My price is based upon what we have already agreed upon at the signing of the contract. If you desire to change or make additions to the project while in progress, I will present you with a change-order that details the change or addition and the cost. When signed by you, the change will be made.